The Apuldram 100 Club



Apuldram’s 100 Club was established in mid-2012 as a response to the cuts in Local Authority funding for Apuldram’s trainees and tenants. The 100 Club provides a regular income for Apuldram and gives its members the opportunity of winning cash prizes each month!

Members’ numbers are allocated on a random basis and all numbers are entered into the monthly draw for prizes which have risen to over £250 (£100, £50, 2 x £25 plus other smaller amounts) with a matching sum being paid direct to Apuldram.

How to join:

it’s easy: you simply complete a membership form and a standing order mandate for £5 per month per number; some of our members have four numbers! Notification of prizes is by email and newsletter.


Contact Paul Reed – – for further information; download the forms here:


100 Club Application Form