Arts and Crafts

Arts and Crafts with Pallant House Gallery

Trainees who attend Arts and Crafts sessions are encouraged to use a variety of media to explore their true creative potential. These take place throughout the year, with the with many of the items produced being available to purchase from our shop.

The artistic ability of those who choose to come into Art classes varies enormously; however, by exploring various craft skills, they discover hidden talents which raises their confidence and  helps them maintain their individuality.

This year the Art and Craft department incorporates, sewing, jewellery making, card making and various art works.

Many of our Arts and Crafts trainees visit the Pallant House Gallery in Chichester. Here they create a range of masterpieces, one of which sold for a substantial fee and was nominated for an award.

Alistair Riddell Wall Art pathway of Sensory Garden



At Apuldram the WEA run both Drama and Music courses to encourage the trainees to express themselves in various forms. A small group enjoy the drama classes run by Francesca Byrne which incorporates movement, dancing and rhythm. trainees made their own costumes for their end of term performance, using large amounts of glitter and other resources.

The making music course is provided by the WEA for adults with learning disabilities and is run by music tutor Mike Fry. The course teaches trainees a number of skills including keeping time, playing together, musical dynamics, following instructions, listening and mimicking patterns. The course uses a mix of musical instruments and digital technology, to create a range of dynamic sounds. Keyboards, percussion and electronic music on an iPhone, are utilised to create an array of vibrant and interesting sounds. Using the latest technology enables trainees to listen to what they have produced.

Chris Robinson from the woodwork department also helps out with the music course which runs on a Monday afternoon. Chris has spent approximately 20 years working as a semi-pro musician, playing in a variety of venues and as a church organist. He has enjoyed passing on his knowledge and working with the trainees to experiment with various musical instruments.

The trainees have commented on how much they have enjoyed the sessions and can’t wait for the next session.