Meet The Animals


We are home to several animals, mainly of the feathered variety.

We originally started off with a handful of chickens that we rescued from a battery farm, who were in a very sad and sorry state. From this beginning, we have since had more rescue chickens, and purchased Ducks and Geese too, as well as a couple of Turkeys. We have also bred our ever-expanding flock of feathered friends.

Gordon the goose lived with Jenny from the beginning and was hand-reared by her. Now he has moved to the Centre, but prefers the company of humans and you may well find him following you around!

We often have new goslings at the centre and they have been known to follow trainees around as they do not like being left alone! Trainees have said how much they enjoy having the new animals at Apuldram. All our animals at Apuldram are here for the benefit of the trainees and visitors, who love feeding them.