The Apuldram Centre was established at Common Farm in 1989, and is a Registered Charity.

The site was originally leased from West Sussex County Council and consists of a converted five-bedroomed house which was opened in June 2010 to provide supported living in the Chichester and Witterings area. We also have several farm buildings which have beenĀ  converted into workshops, plus two large barns. In addition we have the kitchen, dining room, two large polytunnels, several greenhouses, a new potting shed and a shop which incorporates a small coffee shop.

Ten years ago the Centre was so well established that it was decided to buy the site from West Sussex County Council.

Our General Manager has overall responsibility for the Centre and the staff who support tenants in independent living in the Chichester & Bognor area. She has ten members of staff to support her at the Centre, all with their own area of responsibility. We also have a band of willing volunteers who help out in different areas.

Our main source of income is from sponsorship for our trainees and tenants from West Sussex County Council. Sponsorship from other agencies is also accepted. We augment our income from the sale of our goods and fund raising events but, needless to say, funds are always tight.

Our trainees are able to choose which areas of work they prefer to be involved with. Some will stay in one particular area while others choose to work on a variety of different jobs. They also spend differing amounts of time with us, either full or part-time.

The Centre is a very relaxed and informal place where we try to let everyone be themselves whilst accepting that they are part of a valuable team. We aim to allow our trainees to achieve their full potential with help and encouragement towards as great a degree of independence as they are able to attain without removing the shield of care and support they will always require, especially when problems enter their lives.

Our Aim

The main aim is to provide meaningful day care to adults with learning disabilities, thus allowing our trainees to achieve their full potential with help and encouragement towards a greater degree of independence, without removing the shield of care and support they require to lead full and independent lives. The centre is focused on integrating the tenants into the local community wherever possible, using community-based projects and employment opportunities.

Apuldram is a very relaxed and informal family-orientated organisation that puts the care of trainees at the forefront of objectives, whilst at the same time realising that finance and business opportunities are important factors in being able to offer the best support.