Snowmen made in the workshop for the winter fayre

Chris Robinson has run and managed the woodwork department at Apuldram since 2007. In our woodwork barn, we build bird tables, bird boxes, bird feeders, dovecotes, animal hutches and, at Christmas time, reindeers!

The trainees help with tasks such as maintaining furniture, sanding, drilling, screwing, varnishing and painting. Recently, we have contributed a seat for a local bus shelter. Other jobs are taken on such as rabbit hutches and chicken runs on demand. Our trainees have a range of abilities, so we try to give them tasks aimed to cater for those abilities. We often have a number of different woodwork jobs being carried out at one time.

We take orders and provide quotes for a range of woodwork on demand. Chris, the woodwork instructor, is always looking for new challenges and ideas to work with the trainees.

If you would like a quote please contact the Centre on 01243 783 370.






Black and white reindeer