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Contract Gardening

Community Contract Gardening

During the grass growing season we run a thriving contract gardening service, trainees taking part in this activity will; mow lawns and undertake basic gardening tasks for the public in our local community, this is very much a team effort and opportunity to work off site from the Day Centre.

Over the years we have gathered a strong customer base and can offer anything from a one-off tidy up or hedge cut to year-round maintenance. Our trainees enjoy lawn mowing the most, which we carry out at extremely competitive prices.

Most of our customers like us to visit every fortnight, however we are also entrusted to maintain lawns for people who may be on holiday or away for long periods.

This service not only provides our customers with good value, it also provides an essential opportunity for our trainees to gain confidence and vital work skills, which may help them to go onto gain future employment.


Should you be interested in this service please don’t hesitate to call us on 01243 783370.



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